Bitmaps are not being resized in my picture box controls.

Last updated: January 21, 2007

Many users contact us to complain that ReSize is not resizing their bitmaps. The thing to realize is that ReSize interacts with all controls by manipulating 5 properties: left, top, width, height, and fontsize. Bitmaps can not normally be influenced by the setting of these properties. If ReSize is able to change the size of a bitmap it is because the control that actually contains the bitmap is doing the work in response to ReSize setting the left, top, width, height, and fontsize properties. Picture boxes and CommandButtons (they can hold bitmaps in VB 5 and 6) are not able to stretch bitmaps. Image controls can stretch bitmaps. You can set the "Stretch" property of an Image control to true to allow it to stretch a bitmap as it is resized. You should be aware though that bitmaps tend to get distorted when they are stretched. This problem is due to round off errors that occur as the bitmap is stretched and is not a shortcoming of the Image control. There are some high end controls available that can stretch bitmaps without gross distortion.  They are available from 3rd party vendors.

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