ReSize Features

  • Gives your Visual Basic forms resolution independence.

  • Automatically resizes controls without the need to write any code.

  • Resizes fonts as well as the controls themselves.

  • Handles labels, lines, shapes and other controls without windows correctly.

  • Smart enough to let you move controls around at runtime using your code and still keep everything in perfect sync.

  • ReSize OCX allows you to specify a minimum form size. The form can not be sized smaller than this minimum size. Works with SDI, MDI child, and MDI parent forms.

  • Retrofit existing programs by simply placing a ReSize control on each form.

  • Available as a 16-bit OCX, 32-bit OCX and a .NET component.

  • ReSize OCX handles all of the complexities of the SSTab control in VB 4.0, VB 5.0 and VB 6.0.

  • ReSize OCX includes support for the Sheridan SSIndexTab.

  • Runtimes are royalty free (with the registered copy of ReSize).


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All rights reserved. Revised: January 20, 2007.