Larcom and Young Privacy Policy

We hear about new threats to our privacy on the internet almost weekly.  At Larcom and Young we are determined not to be a part of this. Larcom and Young maintains a database of customers who have purchased our software.  We use the information in the database to verify your eligibility for technical support, occasionally notify you of major upgrades, assist us if there are problems with your order and sometimes to help us with technical support issues. 

  • We do not store your credit card information.

  • We do not sell or otherwise make our data available to other companies and organizations.

  • We do not use your email address to send you spam.

  • We do not use your mailing address to send you junk mail or any other kind of aggressive marketing materials.

  • We do not use your phone or fax numbers to solicit you in any way.

  • At Larcom and Young we have the utmost respect for your privacy.

Please note that if you purchase ReSize from a third party we can not be responsible for the actions of said third party.


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