Release Notes

ReSize .NET

Version 4.1

  • Double clicking on the ReSize control will not take you to the PreResize event. This a known problem that will be fixed in a future release. We turned the double click feature off for now because a bug in Visual Studio prevents it from working correctly. We expect to include this feature in a future version of the ReSize control.

  • When a form was minimized and then restored it was possible to get a divide by zero error in some circumstances.

  • A problem was corrected that caused ReSize to work incorrectly when sizing to a lower resolution than that of the design time environment.

  • The control now displays a more descriptive message when there is a license failure.

  • DesignTimeHostContainerHeight and DesignTimeHostContainerWidth properties were added.  See the ReSize documentation for more details.

  • A problem was corrected that caused ReSize to improperly handle controls with a negative top or left property.

  • A problem was corrected that caused ReSize to "double resize" when the control was in both a child and parent SDI form.  In .NET it is possible to nest SDI forms inside each other.  ReSize now knows to stop recursive iteration when it hits a child SDI form.

Version 4.0

  • Double clicking on the ReSize control will not take you to the PreResize event. This a known problem that will be fixed in a future release. We turned the double click feature off for now because a bug in Visual Studio prevents it from working correctly. We expect to include this feature in a future version of the ReSize control.

  • This is the initial version of the ReSize .NET control. There are no additional release notes at this time.

ReSize OCX

Version 4.1

  • Previous versions of ReSize crashed when used with the nView utility program by nVidia.  This problem has to do with the subclassing ReSize uses to implement minimum form width and minimum form height.  Beginning with version 4.1, ReSize will coexist with nView if the FormMinHeight and FormMinWidth properties of the ReSize control are both set to zero.

  • Made ReSize more robust when another company's third party control improperly implements a font property.  A popular 3rd party image control reports that it has a font property when its dispatch interface is queried, but it eventually returns a null pointer because it does not truly implement the font property.  ReSize now handles this situation gracefully.

  • In previous versions of ReSize, when a form's client height is zero on the first resize and the form contains one or more control arrays ReSize will crash with an illegal memory reference.  The problem has now been corrected.

Version 4.0

  • Reduced the amount of flashing that can happen during a form repaint.

  • Fixed a potential locking problem.

  • Fixed a potential problem that could cause an internal data structure to remain locked indefinitely.

  • Made changes to licensing

  • Licensing for ReSize 4.0 was changed to match the licensing in ReSize .NET.

Version 3.7

  • A small memory leak in the ReSize control was eliminated..

  • Fixed Checkpoint 1 & 2 problems.
    At times ReSize would display a message that the control had entered checkpoint 1 or checkpoint 2. Exception handling code was changed to prevent this message from being displayed.

  • Better support for dynamically added controls.
    ReSize now tollerates controls that are dynamically added at run time. See Microsoft knowledge base article Q190670 for details about dynamically adding controls at runtime (VB6 style).

  • Fixed a problem with the "Enabled" property.
    The 32 bit version of ReSize would sometimes screw up the enabled property by writing it twice to the .frm file in some circumstances.

  • Added support for the SSTAB control in Visual RPG.
    Visual RPG was crashing when used with ReSize and an SSTab. ReSize needs the ScaleWidth and ScaleHeight properties when dealing with SSTabs and Visual RPG forms do not support these properties. ReSize was modified to use the Width and Height properties when ScaleWidth and ScaleHeight are not available.

  • Added support for the SSTAB control in VB created OCXs.
    Previously a workaround was required when working with SSTAB controls that were contained by a VB created OCX. The above fix for Visual RPG has eliminated the need for this workaround.

Version 3.0

  • Added support for apartment-model multi-threading.

  • ReSize now supports the SSIndexTab by Sheridan.
    Support was added for the Sheridan SSIndexTab. Pages are still not supported however.

  • ReSize could hang a machine running Windows 3.1.
    A bug in MFC could cause ReSize to hang a Windows 3.1 machine if Windows was shut down while an application written in VB 4.0 6-bit and containing ReSize was still running. The Microsoft workaround documented in the MS knowledge base was implemented in the ReSize code.

  • Control types are no longer prefaced with an underscore.
    Under VB 5.0 Microsoft's internal routines were sometimes appending an underscore to the beginning of some control type names. In the PreResize event a control such as a CommandButton would then be reported as a _CommandButton.

  • Corrected a problem with autocentering.
    ReSize will no longer attempt to center a window that is maximized or minimized. This change affects both the AutoCenterFormOnLoad property and the CenterForm method.

  • Font routines handle more internal exceptions.
    OLE dispatch exceptions are now handled for fonts.

  • ReSize is now smarter about when it fires.
    ReSize will no longer fire before and after a modal dialog box is popped on the form. It also is smarter about firing when code is being single stepped from the debugger in the VB IDE.

  • ReSize could lock up in the PreResize event.
    It was sometimes possible to lock up an application if an error occurred in the PreResize event. This was due to the internal code becoming reentrant.

Version 2.5

  • Made ReSize slightly more efficient .
    ReSize will no longer take any action if windows fires a WM_SIZE message, but the form size does not change. This eliminates unneeded processing and in some cases reduces screen flicker.

  • Added the CurrentControl parameter to the PreReSize event .
    The PreReSize event now includes the CurrentControl parameter. CurrentControl is of type Object and represents a pointer to the control that ReSize is currently sizing and positioning.

  • Fixed handling of SSTab control .
    Some controls would disappear from SSTabs. The temporary workaround was to place a panel or picture box down on the surface of the tab. The SSTab is now handled correctly and this workaround is no longer necessary.

  • Fixed a problem with entering debug mode in VB 5.0 .
    ReSize could crash when entering debug mode from the development environment while in VB 5.0.

  • Fixed handling of minimized forms in design mode .
    Forms that were minimized as opposed to hidden while in design mode would paint with incorrect initial proportions if form dimensions were being altered in the Form_Load event.

  • Made the PreResize event more tolerant of errors in VB code .
    VB code within the PreResize event could cause a program to hang or crash when the development environment tried to enter debug mode as a result of detecting a run-time error.

  • ReSize OCX can run at the same time as ReSize VBX .
    Corrected an naming conflict that could prevent an .EXE with ReSize OCX from running at the same time as an .EXE with ReSize VBX.

  • Fixed a version conflict with a previous beta version of ReSize .
    A limited number of users with 1.7 beta version of ReSize experienced problems when upgrading to a higher version of ReSize. This problem was corrected.

  • Made Larcom and Young version numbering compatible with more install utilities .
    In the future all patch, beta, and other intermediate releases will be versioned with the format: <major release>.<minor release>. Letters will not be used (ex: 1.7d) for minor releases.

  • Made several corrections to the ReSize documentation.

Version 2.0

  • ReSize now lets you design your application in ANY resolution. Previously you had to design for the lowest common denominator (usually 640 X 480).

  • ReSize now lets you design with your form maximized.

  • You no longer have to write any code at all to synchronize ReSize to an MDI child form.

  • ReSize now supports changing the size of a form in the Form_Load event.

  • The PreResize event now has an argument called IgnoreControl. Setting IgnoreControl to TRUE in the PreResize event causes ReSize to ignore the control. In other words, the control will not be moved or resized in any way.

  • Modified ReSize to handle the "line" property correctly in VB5 CCE.

  • Corrected a problem which could cause controls to size improperly after a form was minimized and then restored.

  • Fixed several problems in ReSize that could GPF or hang an application if an END statement was executed in the Form_Load event of the control. The same could also happen if a developer set a break point in the Form_Load event and then terminated execution of the program.

  • Added code to allow ReSize to properly handle fonts for controls that are dynamically added at run time.

  • In previous versions of ReSize, you could not properly set the font size of controls from the PreResize event of the ReSize control. This has now been corrected.

  • Corrected missing quotation marks in the on-line documentation.

  • Corrected PsL phone number in the online documentation.

  • ReSize now has the correct version embedded in the resource portion of the .OCX file.

  • Fixed a bug in ReSize that could cause ReSize to not resize one or two controls on a form.

Version 1.60

  • Added a CenterForm method. Executing this method causes the form containing the ReSize control to be centered on the physical screen if it is an SDI form and centered in its MDI container if it is an MDI form.

  • Added AutoCenterFormOnLoad property. This property causes the form to be centered each time it is loaded.

  • SSTabs are now supported in forms of any scale mode.

  • SSTabs worked correctly in the 32 bit version of ReSize OCX 1.50, but not in the 16 bit version. This has now been corrected.

  • ReSize was changed to internally set font sizes before it sets left, right, width or height properties. In some cases setting a control's properties in the opposite order will give the control an improper height setting.

  • Previously the 32 bit version of ReSize OCX caused combo boxes to operate incorrectly. They would not display a drop down list and they would not fire change or click events. This problem has been corrected in the present version of ReSize OCX.

  • ReSize would not work properly with beta versions of NT 4.0 in the past. The background of the form containing the ReSize control would not paint. This has been corrected.

  • A problem was fixed that could cause ReSize to register itself incorrectly.

Version 1.50

  • 1.50 is the first production (non-beta) release of the ReSize OCX. Earlier versions (1.00, 1.10, 1.20, and 1.2x) were all beta releases.

  • ReSize OCX can now correctly move and resize controls placed inside a Visual Basic 4.0 SSTab control. In this version of ReSize the form containing the SSTab control must have the ScaleMode property set to "1 - Twip" for resize to work properly. In the next release of ReSize all ScaleModes (including user defined) will be supported.

  • A problem was fixed that sometimes caused ReSize to record the incorrect initial sizes and positions of controls.

  • Forms that were scaled to small increments were not being handled correctly. Control properties are now stored inside the ReSize control as real values (as opposed to integers). This corrects the problem.

Version 1.20

  • The ability to move controls at runtime was added to the ReSize OCX. Controls on a form can now be relocated at runtime under program control. This behavior is now compatible with the VBX version of ReSize.

Version 1.10

  • The file MFC40.DLL was added to the distribution. The copy of MFC40.DLL that ships with Visual Basic 4.0 is not current enough to allow the 32 bit version of ReSize to register properly.

  • A problem in the ReSize licensing code which expressed itself in Windows 3.x when running the 16 bit version of ReSize was corrected.

Version 1.00

  • The DBList box that ships with VB 4.0 does not operate properly with ReSize. This is probably due to a bug in the list box control. We are presently investigating this.

  • The DBGrid control that ships with VB 4.0 sometimes fails to repaint properly on the screen after a form has been resized. The present workaround for this is to force a repaint of the form containing the DBGrid control (Form1.Refresh in the Resize event of the form).

  • This beta version of the ReSize OCX will not work properly with the tab control that ships with VB 4.0. We hope to have ReSize working with the tab control at some point in the not too distant future.

Copyright 2007 by Larcom and Young.
All rights reserved. Revised: January 20, 2007.